Wild Queens Membership

Fun and challenging events that bring women together and let them unleash their wild!

Wild Queens Membership NZ. Helping women get out of their comfort zone

Wild Queens Membership

Our Wild Queens Membership is for women who want to get out of the house, come away with other wild women and have some fun, do something a little out of your comfort zone, and unleash your wild. 

We bring women together from all walks of life, for special events that bring fun, challenge or adventure into their lives. 

Our events develop the person, by building their confidence and sharing experiences with other wild women, making friends along the way. As a Wild Queen, you get the VIP treatment with our value added membership. 

Our events are completely catered for you, all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the experience. Some events come with additional costs, and costs may vary depending on the experience. 

This is a special invite from me to you, for the cost of a cup of coffee per week (or even your monthly Netflix account) to be the Wild Queen you always wanted to be. 

Come join me, 

Love Becca xx

Wild Queens membership New Zealand is an affordable and accessible club designed around you.


You can choose between paying monthly or annually for our twelve month membership the Wild Queens!

As a Wild Queen, you will receive:

  • A special gift from us to start you on the journey to becoming a Wild Queen that includes beautiful things just for you!
  • Access to our national Facebook group so you can make connections and go to events in your region.
  • Plus access to our Wild Queens Facebook Group for secret wild women events, fabulous conversations, and making connections with other like-minded women.
  • A special discount to our regional events so there's no excuses to get out and try our events.
  • Access to national Wild Queen retreats for those weekends away to invigorate your wild soul!
  • Access to our Unleashing Your Wild workshop to help you learn to unleash your wild, learn about who you are, how to build meaningful connections, and how to get into the growth mindset!
  • Special monthly discounts to beautiful products and services from wild women in business; and
  • Free access to our annual Christmas party so you can let your hair down, and have a dance before the world goes crazy at Christmas. 
Exciting adventures await when you become a member

Have new and exciting experiences!

Why Join the Wild Women?

Helping New Zealand women find their inner strength and inner women

Find your inner Wild Woman!

Meeting amazing people through a New Zealand events club designed by women, for women

Meet some amazing women!

Our next event is coming up soon!!!

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