Stupid judgements!

Break the Cycle of Tall Poppy Syndrome!

This morning I watched a woman (who I know from years ago) dance around a room, and while I had a few initial thoughts I can't say out loud - I took an internal check of those thoughts. By the end of watching her video, I had entirely changed my mind, and it made me realise a couple of things!

  • I judged her for dancing and taking a video (tall poppy syndrome, anyone) when I should have given her a passionate thumbs up for not caring what others think. She danced from her heart, and actually, it was beautiful to see that freedom. 
  • I have beliefs still sitting in the background that hinder me, and when those thoughts come into my mind, I should play devil's advocate and ask, so what? So what if she does dance around the room? So what if she is expressing her emotions? So what if people are watching and feeling her? So what...
  • She supports women with their money mindset by helping them feel freedom when it comes to money and not scared of it - that in itself, it is fantastic and something I was honestly interested in. 
  • She is doing something unique, and I feel nothing but am actually in awe of her! 
  • It's fantastic (not) that as women, the glass ceiling is still there because of us. Our role, our passion, our goals should be lifting women up. Up out of poverity, out of those crappy stereotypes, and gender role that do not serve us.  
  • She made me realise I needed to dance. I turned up the music and danced while emptying the dishwasher, and I felt so good afterwards. I've even been more motivated to work! I'm in love with Andy Grammars song "Don't give up on me" - gosh it's so beautiful!!! Check it out here 

She doesn't know this, but here is a plug for her next intake in May - because I think what she is doing is important work! 

The only way I can shake the shit that goes through my head and build in new thoughts is to support those that make me feel uncomfortable.

I would like to introduce Kara-Leah! We met in 2015 at Venus Networking and I have followed her since. She has difficult conversations, those conversations make you think, feel uncomfortable but most of all they make you look inside and see what is really there. Thanks Kara-Leah - you beautiful soul <3 Meet Kara-Leah! 


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