Creating Space in Your Life : Part 1

How to create space in your life, to think, to do and to be

I know that I am still on a steep learning curve about this myself as I write this. I have found some strategies work better than others and have come up with some easy but effective strategies that we could all use to create more space in our lives.

We all fill many spaces with things, people, and places that can overwhelm, frustrate, or minimise the life we wish we could have. I have learned about life that having a plan, a goal, or an outcome is vital to making steps towards the lives we wish we could have.

After doing my research, I realised that there were many spaces to which we could turn our attention and that even the list may seem overwhelming in itself. The idea is not to create more overwhelm but to get clear on what space needs working on, and funny enough, I have found that starting on one area automatically improves other spaces around us.

Physical Space – the environment we live and work in

Digital Space - social media or even what else we watch

Relationship Space – the people who are in our lives, including loved ones, friends and colleagues

Mental Space – thoughts, ideas and general creativity

Emotional Space – our feelings and associated emotions, including reactions

Financial Space – our financial wellbeing – are we in the black or red, how does this impact our life

If I am honest, these are considerable areas in most people's lives, and maybe a simple blog isn't going to quite cut the mustard. Over the next few days, I will discuss each one for its merit and offer three solutions. You can go and find more if you need to, but I think if we focus on three, three being the magic number in life (actually not sure about that, but hey), we can make small steps to change.

In our book corner in the Wild Queens group, we offer a list of good reads. One, in particular, written by BJ Fogg, is about making small incremental changes to achieve our life goals. Instead of reading the book (which is a little academic, really), you can check out his YouTube video here.

It explains that each small change (which makes a huge difference long term) needs to be associated with celebration and something you already do. Whatever or wherever you make life changes, they need to be achievable. 

As we go through each area, we ask you to journal your thoughts and feelings to see where you need to take action immediately. 

Rebecca Jenkins is the founder of Where the Wild Women Are. She has a background in psychology and human resources, and enjoys writing about topics from gardening to feminism.

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