Our Past Events

Our Past Events

We opened the doors at Where the Wild Women Are in January 2021. Based in Cambridge, initially I opened it to just local women, however it soon gained momentum, and we are about to launch our second group in the Bay of Plenty. 

From the start, we booked women into fun events like paddle boarding and white water rafting during the warmer months, and as autumn passed and winter decided to show it's face we moved to more indoor activities like self defense class, pole dancing or dinner out to amazing restaurants. 

And that's just the start - I have almost four years of experiences for you ladies, so I do hope you join me. 

In May, we had an amazing Pink Ribbon Breakfast with beautiful speakers, who not only empowered us to create space in our lives and to be vulnerable, to ensuring that we look after our bodies through regular breast checks. I loved Emily's talk and encourage you to follow Emily from The Dear Boobs Project (Letters to boobs after breast cancer or BRCA surgery | The Dear Boobs Project) on her quest to share women's stories about surviving breast cancer and what their breasts meant to them. Tracey Olivier delivered a speech about vulnerability and stand in our own light and was inspiring. We even raised almost $1000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Our next event is a little different again, but of course, to find out our next event you need to be a member!! Join now here >>> Membership | Where the Wild Women are


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