Our Wild Story

Hi there Wild Women, 

Thanks for being part of our wild story!

Often the women I talk to feel that their lives are slowly teetering on the brink of collapse from the sheer overwhelm of feeling like they have to do everything. They feel stuck, in a rut, or don't feel like not quite themselves, maybe teetering on overwhelmed (especially after the last two years with Covid), and just blah. 

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I learnt that aside from some time to ourselves, we need to find a place we can find comfort, fun, enjoyment and friendship for ourselves. This life we have, we have a choice, and many of our options are fraught with what we are supposed to do, not what we need or want to do. 

When we are content and happy, my realisation was that so will those that we love. 

As life gets more and more serious, we forget how to play, breathe, or have fun. I watch my son at nine when he is in the zone, and he sings, and plays, and is in that moment a happy child. 

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Experiences are a great way to grow your happiness and confidence, have some of your social and personal needs met and develop the person you want to be. 

Where the Wild Women are was born out of my desire to find someone to have that Friday night wine with to chat about the s$it going on in my life, plus do more fun things in my life and challenge myself. When I spoke with others, I realised that I wasn't the only woman who felt like that. 

Welcome to Where the Wild Women are. A place to develop the beautiful women you are through shared experiences unleashing your wild. 

Go Wild,

Becca xx

Where the Wild Women are was created to help inject a little more happiness into our New Zealand womens lives

If you are anything like me, you want some answers, so you head to the bookstore or library and read self-help book after self-help book to find your answers.
When I did all that reading, it hit me why I was feeling so flat. I realised that as women we are something to everyone (a mother, a daughter, a lover, an aunty, a sister, a business owner, an employee). We forget who WE are after years of being someone to everyone else.

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Our mindset and happiness aren't dependent on our families or work or the labels we live under, but we find it when we fulfil our wants, desires and needs in alignment with our values. 

The question is - What do you want, need or desire? 

Find the time and space to answer these questions. 

Where the Wild Women are will help you build new friendships with adventurous New Zealand Women

Our Wild Values

Calmness – there is a calmness brought about by a simple life filled with good food, and spending time with friends and family.

Beauty – when we see the beauty in everything, it inspires us to be more, and that flows into all areas of our lives. We can see the beauty in our differences.

Grace – a level of empathy that allows us to show up in a non-judgemental and humble way, accepting others, for who they are and seeing diversity as a way to open one’s eyes.

Abundance – when your body, mind and soul are looked after, you have an abundance of everything, including love, life and beauty and you share that openly with others.

Playfulness – brings with it creativity, passion, fun and adventure. We express this when we mix things up, have fun or try new experiences with others. 

Join us as a Wild Women today! Be part of something very special, develop as a woman and love the person you are. This is about Wild Women for Wild Women!

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