Unleashing your wild

Fun and challenging events that bring women together and let them unleash their wild!

Wild women New Zealand events. A Women's club which hosts exciting experiences such as White Water Rafting

Have new and exciting experiences!

Wild women New Zealand events. A Women's club hosting events to help find your inner women alongside likeminded people

Find your inner Wild Woman!

Our wild women events and clubs will be a great opportunity to meet some amazing people

Meet some amazing women!

Women's only Events New Zealand. A women's club designed around you

Women deserve to have a life of their own!

We build a warm and loving home, build a career or business, use our bodies to grow babies, raise our families, and forget after all our running around to look after ourselves. It’s no wonder that, at times, we feel that we aren’t good enough, tired, in a rut, angry or unhappy. 

But we don’t need to feel that way at all. We’ve all heard about self-care, but what we need the space to breathe and to unleash our wild (to be the person we want to be). 

Our events are your first step to unleashing your wild because you meet amazing women, share fun and exciting experiences, and find a place that is just for you!

Join the Wild Queens!

Our Wild Queens (our membership) is a group for women who come together through our private Facebook group, who have retreats to break away from normal life, and who want to learn to how to unleash your wild (the person who you want to be), and find a sense of belonging, without judgement. 

As a Wild Queen, you get the VIP treatment with our value added membership. 

Our events are completely catered for you, all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the experience. 

This is a special invite from me to you, for the cost of a cup of coffee per week, to be the Wild Queen you always wanted to be. 


1. Join our Wild Queens

2. Connect with women in our Private FB group

3. Come to an event and unleash your wild

Helping unleash the inner you with a group of likeminded women who want adventure

Join us at our next

Wild Women Events

Let your hair down, have some fun, get messy, and laugh your way through new experiences, meeting new people, challenging yourself each month with a new activity. 

Wild Women events are places to try something new, scary, or not done before in a group of supportive, loveable and friendly women. 

Where the Wild Women are is a women's group that specialises in hosting Women's events.

Our Facebook group is where all the action happens and is free to join - (no boys allowed sorry gents), you get access to our events including an invitation to our Christmas Party, meet new people, and feel the vibes of positive and uplifting group of women. 

I look especially forward to you joining us x

Happy testimonials from club members

"So glad I signed up to this, my first event for coming along. Was so great to meet everyone and share a delicious meal! Thanks Rebecca for organising this! Looking forward to attending more events.."  N.

Rafting experiences with Where the Wild Women are New Zealand

Whitewater rafting on the Kaituna - "THANK YOU Rebecca once again for organising such a fun morning. Lovely to see a few familiar faces and so good to meet some new ones! I had a ball and as I think many did." S.

Rebecca mother of one, escapes everyday life with being a part of Where the Wild Women are NZ. An inclusive club for women who want more

Hi I'm Rebecca!

I'm 42 (soon to be 43 shhhhhhh!!), and a mother of one, and life well.....got a little boring! 

I felt stuck, in a rut, drowning in my own life and needed to do something that broke through the covid induced coma I called this life. 

I want you to join me, if you are sick and tired of trying to smash through the glass ceiling, or you have someone (maybe you maybe not) holding you back and want connect with other like-minded women, find new joys in life, and start playing a little more on your wild side. 

Where the Wild Women are will have you screaming for more with our kick ar$e events, amazing village of women and our online course!

Come and checkout our Wild Queens, which I created for women just like you, so we can be a kick-ar$e Wild Woman together!

Want more Wildness? Sign up here for news on our wild women events


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